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Student Testimonials for USC Online Library Science Classes

USC's library science online degree program develops graduates with the potential for success in organizations across our changing profession.

Erin Rivero

"I am a fiercely independent person and I was dubious about the heavy team component of this program, but it has turned out to be life-changing. I have gained real-world skills in communications and project management, and the social and emotional intelligence needed to lead a successful team."

Erin Rovero is a bilingual information resource specialist who wanted to expand her library's impact and earn an impressive credential. That led her to choose USC's MMLIS degree, and subsequently earn a substantial pay increase thanks to an inspiring course in her first semester. Find out how she used the program to advance and start a new chapter in her life.

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Johnny Truong

"During my internship, I am able to relate and apply what I learned from my studies on digital information systems. My day-to-day activities include conducting reference interviews with library patrons, managing a section of the library's collections and planning, assisting or executing various library programs. The USC program offers many opportunities to explore topics that interest you, so you can make the most of it."

When Johnny Truong started the MMLIS program, he saw it as a complete strategy for a dynamic future in library science. Now he works as a library assistant, applying what he's learned to advance his knowledge through a practical internship. Learn how USC fits into his long-term strategy, including taking advantage of student services that he said offered him a steady stream of opportunity.

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Kimberly Tate-Louie

"The leadership and business communication skills I've developed in the MMLIS program are a major benefit of taking a library and information science program through a top-ranked business school. Having that management component attached to my MMLIS degree is something that USC's business school can offer, but many other schools cannot."

Kimberly Tate-Louie is eager to become a librarian. She saw the MMLIS degree as the best way to prepare. Now she's set to graduate with an enhanced understanding of library technology and an expanded network of passionate librarians. Here, she explains how the program has fueled her fast growth.

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Louise Smith

"The USC program focuses on a very new idea of librarianship, including entrepreneurial librarianship, managing special libraries and incorporating technology. The program at USC inspired me to look into working as a consultant who creates new and better user experiences for digital libraries and their users."

Louise Smith sought a robust program to help her break into a new career working in digital libraries. Now she works in two. We caught up with her as her MMLIS degree nears completion to discuss the benefits of small cohorts, the program's unique management focus and USC's reputation in the field.

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Margaret Henderson

"It's difficult to choose one outstanding memory when I've had such an overall positive experience in the program. I've built good professional relationships with my professors and classmates, and that has been an invaluable part of my education. The option to intern is another great feature. I'm looking forward to that experience and know that it will greatly enhance my library science education."

Margaret Henderson joined the MMLIS program to learn more about daily operations of modern libraries. Now close to graduation and on the cusp of her internship, she shares insight into how the program connected her to diverse colleagues, inspired her individual research and informed her current work, helping her shape the future she seeks in library science.

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