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Kimberly Tate-Louie

Kimberly Tate-Louie

Collaboration and team support make MMLIS stand out for aspiring librarian

Newly drawn to pursue a librarian career, Kimberly Tate-Louie sought a degree that could help her immediately stand out. That’s why she chose the University of Southern California’s Master of Management in Library and Information Science online degree. She saw her chance to impress employers by earning a dynamic degree from the distinguished USC Marshall School of Business.

“The leadership and business communications skills I’ve developed in the MMLIS program are a major benefit of taking a library and information science program through a top-ranked business school,” Kimberly said. “Having that management component attached to my MMLIS degree is something that USC’s business school can offer, but many other schools cannot.”

Her initial spark of interest in library science has grown in intensity as she comes closer to graduation.

“I will feel quite a sense of accomplishment when I graduate and will most definitely attend the graduation ceremony in person,” Kimberly said. “I am eager to work as a librarian and feel more than prepared with the skills and knowledge I acquired in the USC MMLIS program.”

Flexible courses make it all possible

While enrolled, Kimberly has worked to juggle her course assignments and current job. She said the flexibility of online courses has been key to her success so far.

“USC streamlines the online learning process by providing a user-friendly interface to access everything you need for class,” she said. “The asynchronous format of the MMLIS makes it possible for me to earn an advanced degree while also working a demanding job.”

It helped that Kimberly felt engaged from the first course.

“An MMLIS course that really helped me become the leader I am today was ‘Management Communication for Leaders,’” she said. “This essential course armed me with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead teams, manage projects and collaborate with colleagues.”

Common goals, lasting connections

Kimberly knew the program would connect her to a broad range of career skills. What she didn’t expect was the meaningful connections she would form with a diverse network of passionate librarians. She came to highly value her MMLIS group work for this reason.

“Not only did my MMLIS classmates and I learn tons from each other, but we also motivated and encouraged each other to succeed personally, academically and professionally,” Kimberly said. “Working in teams, we did everything together. We researched and wrote papers together, collaborated on presentations and became officers of a student group.”

She continued, “Working closely in teams with my classmates is by far my single-best memory from the program, because we worked toward common goals, shared our passion for library and information science, and forged lasting connections.”

Modern skills to move forward

As Kimberly’s graduation date approaches, she reflects on the progress she’s made toward becoming a librarian.

“With constantly evolving technology, today’s library science professionals are much different than they were 20 years ago,” she said. “USC has prepared me for the new age of library and information science by providing courses that incorporate the most up-to-date technologies and library systems.”

Now, she approaches the future with clearer objectives and greater confidence.

“I would recommend the USC MMLIS to anyone who’s looking to advance their career,” she said. “My classmates and I came from diverse undergraduate fields. The MMLIS program has the power to propel your career forward because of the practical, real-world experience you receive.”