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Hello. My name is Ken Haycock. I’m the director of the new online Master of Management and Library and Information Science program here at the University of Southern California.

We know that our program is a bit more expensive than other programs, but we also know that we’re offering a large number of enhancements to you as a member of the Trojan family. At USC, we provide support for students to the extent possible, and we’ve embarked on a new campaign to develop scholarships for the MMLIS program.

Even in spite of this, with the support of our alumni, we were able to offer more than $40,000 in scholarships to our first cohort in the summer of 2013, and that’s our baseline for the future. Incoming students need not apply for scholarships. We offer them automatically based on grade point average, and also on the statement that you complete concerning your career when you apply for the program.

We’re committed to supporting you. Our scholarship fund is growing every day. And we know that you will get full value from your program.

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