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There’s always a lot of interest in pursuing careers in academic libraries in colleges and universities. In part, it’s because of our own experience, finding libraries as places of retreat, of learning, of discovery. Today, however, you’re not going to find so many librarians sitting behind a reference desk, as they will be teaching individuals and groups of students how to access, evaluate and use information effectively. They’re going to be dealing with vendors. They’re going to be negotiating site licenses for those specialized databases. They’re also going to be spread throughout the campus and embedded with research teams, providing support, embedded with faculty departments, supporting teaching and learning and research productivity. We also need to show return on investment, how we affect student learning, how we affect retention, how we affect research grants and scholarship.

This is a wonderful time to be connecting people with information and ideas in the academy, and at USC, we’re offering more courses in collaboration and partnership, education and training and measuring impact. This is a wonderful time to be an academic librarian or a librarian working in the academy.

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