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Webinar: What You Need to Know about the MMLIS Degree and LIM Certificate

Watch this USC MMLIS program overview to explore its master's degree and certificate programs and learn about the admissions process.

Join MMLIS Admissions Advisor Bailey Clem-Byquist in this program overview to learn more about the online USC Master of Management in Library and Information Science and how to apply. Learn why the program is housed within the top-ranked USC Marshall School of Business who partners with USC Libraries to provide students with a management and business-focused curriculum. The program's cohort model means that each student gets specialized attention and top-notch support from staff and faculty. The program is 100% online and after a required full-time first semester, students have the option take classes part-time for increased flexibility.

Hello and welcome to our USC Library and Information Science webinar! My name is Bailey Clem-Byquist and I am an admissions advisor here at USC with the library and Information science programs.

Today I will be talking about our two programs that we offer: The Master of Management in Library and Information Science degree and The Graduate Certificate in Library and Information Management. I'll refer to our master's program as the MMLIS degree and our graduate certificate as the LIM certificate.So a little bit about USC and why the MMLIS and our library and information science programs are held within the USC Marshall School of Business. We are the only library and information science degree in the nation to be offered through a top-ranked business school and this provides our students the unique opportunity to study leadership, business and management techniques related to the library and information sciences. USC is home to an expansive network of 24 libraries, information centers and the USC Digital Library so even though our programs are 100% online, our students are still able to access all of these resources offered by the USC Libraries within the program. We offer top-notch support with our program's dedicated student support specialists. The faculty within the MMLIS and LIM programs and the staff dedicated to these programs offer direct support to our students.

Because the USC MMLIS program is 100% online, there is superior flexibility that you're not going to find in other library science degree programs. Our 100% online program is designed specifically for students offering advanced management and leadership skills necessary to thrive in high-level leadership careers, specifically in the library and information science fields. Our MMLIS program requires 40 units in total to be completed and the curriculum includes a combination of foundational courses, elective courses, the Capstone project and also practical application. As you can see, these foundational courses will be taken towards the beginning of the program and they offer the knowledge needed to become a professional in the library and information science field. Then, our students are able to select the elective courses that relate most to their interests and their future plans for their library and information sciences career. All students will complete a Capstone project and e-portfolio. The Capstone course allows students to build an electronic portfolio that demonstrates what they learned and addresses the required competencies for the MMLIS degree which they're then able to use to present to potential employers for future job opportunities. Lastly is that practical application so students are able to benefit from guided independent studies with expert faculty.

Students also complete internships to pursue special topics. Even though our program is 100% online, you can complete it from wherever you have an internet connection. Our program guides students in finding in-person opportunities or other internship opportunities should they be interested in pursuing that. For our LLM certificate curriculum, it's a little bit less than the MMLIS degree but the courses that are recommended and required for the certificate program are going to be focused more on the leadership, management and business techniques related to library and information sciences. As you can see listed here, that's going to include our management communication for leaders, partnerships and collaborations, and marketing management. These are courses that aren't typically found in other library and science degree programs. Students complete our certificate program after they've completed a library science master's degree to gain again those leadership business and management skills and the LIM curriculum really allows students to advance their skill development and it's designed to advance leadership or allow students to advance into leadership and management skills and earn senior level roles within the library and information science field. Now our program again is offered 100% online so a little about our online learning style and how it works. Our students have access to a very user-friendly e-learning platform. You can complete the programs anywhere. It's accessible if you have an internet connection and with the programming online, it is flexible. But there is a structured approach to coursework so students are required to attend some of the weekly live sessions and there are other instructional required readings and assignments, discussion boards and group work. This will take part on your own time outside of that scheduled live class time so this program does work very well for individuals who are working professionals, because you're able to plan your learning around your life and make sure that you ultimately meet those weekly deadlines. Again, as I already mentioned, there are weekly required live sessions for each class that you take so that's going to include real time 60 to 90 minute lectures and discussions with professors and again those will be scheduled out for the duration of the semester so you're able to plan for that and can attend those live sessions to get the most out of your program.

Now, a little bit about the program length and tuition. Tuition is charged on a per unit basis. We encourage you to check our website which is at librarysciencedegree.usc.edu for the most up-to-date rates. The MMLIS program can be completed on either a full-time or a part-time basis. The full-time program can be completed in five semesters which requires eight units per semester, which takes 20 months. Or part-time, which will be completed over seven semesters or 28 months. It's going to be 40 credit units or credit hours total with 13 core courses and three elective courses to successfully complete the degree. The LIM certificate can be completed in as few as two semesters which would be a total of eight months. Students will take 16 credits which is seven courses total to receive the LIM certificate.

A little bit about financial aid - so if you are an eligible U.S citizen or permanent resident you may qualify for federal student loans or private educational loans. Many employers offer employer reimbursement or tuition assistance benefits so we always encourage our students who are employed to discuss any benefits that they may be eligible for through their job with human resources. If their employer reimburses for tuition at the end of the semester, which is a common fairly common occurrence, you may be able to defer up to 90 of your total tuition costs until the end of the semester when you can receive that reimbursement from your employer. USC also offers a payment plan so, before classes begin, you may make a down payment and then pay monthly installments for each semester. Our MMLIS degree also includes career development and we have a number of career resources and opportunities throughout the program. There is a five-part webinar series that occurs once per semester when in the program, a semesterly newsletter, and one-on-one coaching available to students and alumni from our student services support. You also have access to the full USC Career Services which is going to include access to connectSC and the Trojan Network which can connect you to other USC students and alumni who may be posting jobs or jobs specifically posted for USC students. Another great resource that we offer is called Smart Thinking online tutoring and writing help. This is an online resource that you're able to use and access anytime online which includes resume and cover letter review, and also mock interviews. So if you're looking to get prepared on your own time and not schedule something out you're able to use this online on your own when it works for your schedule. There is also going to be career preparation embedded into the curriculum as I already mentioned. The Capstone course and that e-portfolio are really going to set you up for success. The internship course is available to students as well as another opportunity to explore different career options and then also independent study if that is of interest to you.

In terms of career opportunities and what a library science degree can do for you specifically - what can the USC MMLIS online program do for you and where can it take your career? There's a number of different places and a number of different fields and opportunities. Of course there will be opportunities available in academic and public libraries, archives and different types of librarianship. Museum librarian, medical librarian, digital assets manager and also opportunities in business. These opportunities again are uniquely available to many of our students because of the additional training that they receive in business leadership and management that you're not going to find in other library science degree programs.

Now, I'll touch on admission requirements for the program. You will need to initiate an online application that can be started on the USC graduate admissions website at gradadm.usc.edu. Then you'll need to provide degree verification and transcripts if you're applying to our MMLIS degree program. You do need to have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited program. For the LIM certificate, you need to have a master in library and information science from an ALA-accredited program, completed at the time of application and as for a GPA we do recommend a 3.0 or better to be considered competitive for admission. We require two letters of recommendation - these can be from academic or professional references and again these are required. The letters of recommendation will be submitted directly through the online application and the contact information for the recommenders gets uploaded to the application site. You are able to submit those letters directly to us. We also require a resume, as we want to see what kind of professional experience you have. No professional experience in the library and information sciences field is required, however. If you have it, that's great. We want to see that but again with the resume we're really just looking to see what type of professional and educational experiences you've had in the past and then lastly will be the statement of purpose. This statement should be 500 words or less. We encourage you to be sure to answer the prompt appropriately. The prompt asks, "how will your involvement in the USC MMLIS program further your career goals, and what are your goals after the MMLIS or LIM program?" The statement of purpose should be future-focused - focused on your involvement in the program and your plans after the USC library and information sciences programs.

And with that, I want to say thank you for joining me and watching this. I hope you were able to have many of your questions answered. If you have more questions and you're looking to learn more you can email us at mmlis.admissions marshall.usc.edu.

We also offer one-on-one admissions advising appointments and those can be booked through calendly.com. We look forward to hopefully meeting you in the future, reviewing your application and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks for joining me again and we hope to meet you soon virtually. Thanks.