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Caroline Muglia - MLIS - Library Faculty

Caroline Muglia is the Co-Associate Dean for Collections, and Head, Resource Sharing and Collection Assessment Librarian. Collection Assessment is a metrics-based approach to maintaining a strong and relevant collection for all users. It's seeing the metrics behind all resources, but not relying entirely on them to tell an important story that brings together users, budgets, and the shifting needs of physical spaces of libraries. Resource Sharing was born from the tenets of Collection Assessment. Libraries are moving away from a single collection tethered to a single library and towards cooperatively sharing resources. Traditionally, interlibrary loan and document delivery (IDD) services-formal borrowing and lending agreements facilitated through individual libraries were the only examples of Resource Sharing initiatives. Today, more libraries are augmenting IDD services to include coordinated Resource Sharing agreements.

Before USC, Caroline worked at the Library of Congress and as a Data Librarian for an educational technology company. She received her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where she focused on digital archives. Her research and teaching interests include user-driven acquisitions, assessment techniques, and the role librarians and products/systems play in choices made by users.

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