3 New Ways Libraries Are Delivering Services

3 New Ways Libraries Are Delivering Services

Libraries have always had to stay fresh to keep up with the needs of the communities, and it’s the staff members who hear and directly respond to the needs of the people who will continue to thrive in their jobs. Learn more about three specific innovations in the industry to inspire you with ideas to stay relevant to those you serve.

Connect with Instagram

Instagram is fun, hip and an excellent way to get people interested in what you’re doing on a daily basis. Whether it’s pictures of silly kids doing crafts or the set up of a fancy reception for a new author, you can start enticing people to see the library in different ways. Instead of patrons seeing it as an outdated institution, they can start to see real interactions that take place within the community. It not only can bring more people into the building, but may encourage them to volunteer their own talents in a thriving environment. The Abilene Public Library in Texas holds events like mash-up performances and summer reading challenges, and they use Instagram to engage and inform people of what’s happening in their town. By using hashtags, they increase their reach even further to potentially inspire people to either visit or create events going on closer to them.

A New Kind of Classroom

Libraries could eventually become known for their classroom value as much as they’re known as a dependable source of information. The Brooklyn Public Library has already cleared out space to start offering classes for using different computer programs, which is exceptionally relevant in today’s culture. While formal classes are still in their infancy, this could be the next big step in creating a public arena that can give people valuable education at an affordable price. However this change happens—whether rearranging public funds or using subsidies from volunteers—it can breathe new life into an otherwise underused building.

Bringing the Library to the Neighborhood

LA and New York City often have pop-up events to try to catch people off guard when they’re out and about. The same element of surprise that can draw a crowd to a new clothing store can be applied to libraries as well. The city of Boston has been trying to bring the library to the people to encourage more participation and awareness of how the library is adapting to fit the needs of the new generation. Much like the above two examples, this is a way to stave off stagnation in an ever-changing world, and experiment with how to best capture the spirit of learning within a community.
The best resource you have for innovating library ideas is your own experience and ideas. A Master of Science in Library and Information Science can give you the tools you need to create environments that stimulate and encourage learning in fresh ways everyday.