5 Ways an MMLIS Degree Is Relevant in 2017

5 Ways an MMLIS Degree Is Relevant in 2017

Technology has completely changed the way multiple industries operate. Cell phones, the internet, and cloud computing have made almost everything virtual. People are even doing their research for book reports and journal articles online. In an environment of near constant change, it’s an important time to strive for an MMLIS degree. See some of the major benefits of this degree for 2017:

A completely digital library

1. An MMLIS Degree Embraces the Power of Technology

The role of the librarian is evolving. In fact, libraries are only becoming more relevant as the world becomes a virtual place. Many people use an online library to sift through articles and books as they look at research or read for entertainment. New database are challenging to manage due to the sheer quantity of information and the number of people that are trying to access these databases.

This is especially important for high-volume online libraries such as those tied to universities or professional databases such as the NCBI or PubMed. The next wave of information professionals will be responsible for understanding and managing these technologies.

2. Earning an MMLIS Degree Can Improve Leadership Skills

If you are interested in Library and Information Science, then managing countless text resources is a skill that likely comes naturally to you. Maybe you have even spent countless hours learning how various search engines work and how best to help people use their search entries to find the resources for which they’re looking. With this experience, enrolling in an MMLIS program can help you further develop an understanding of how these various libraries and online programs work. The degree can also prepare you to use your experience to affect positive change in the field.

In a constantly evolving library ecosystem, the MMLIS degree teaches a unique set of leadership skills that will help students better manage not only their future colleagues, but also better lead the institutions for which they are charged. An MMLIS degree teaches students how various resources communicate with each other and how to make sure that every part of the program is functioning as it should. Using these skills to keep everything in an organization running smoothly is a key benefit of this degree program.

3. An MMLIS Degree Opens the Door to a Number of Career Opportunities

A number of career opportunities could be available to MMLIS graduates. The information science aspect of the degree is particularly valuable because of the integral role technology plays in almost every industry right now. Other opportunities might include library administration, web services specialist, archives, acquisitions, special collections and more.

4. An Advanced Degree Develops a Number of Skills

Because many of the world’s textual resources have become virtual, everyone can access these resources from anywhere. As an online MMLIS student, you’ll appreciate the impact of emerging technologies on library and information science as a whole. Specifically, information technology is an important area that encapsulates the skills necessary and relevant in this virtual world. You can become adept in the language and implementation associated with integrating library systems, designing and developing information architecture, retrieving information, handling electronic resources, and working with computer networks. Additional skills you might encounter as you work to become a modern librarian or information scientist include:

  • Working with cloud technologies
  • Handling data storage
  • Understanding web design
  • Managing digital libraries

5. A Varied Curriculum

An MMLIS degree program involves a wide variety of coursework that prepares students to take jobs in any number of career fields. For example, courses may expose students to archiving and cataloging in addition to database design, website design, information science, and computer science. Many people might not understand why the archiving of textual resources is related to the function of computers, but this is exactly what makes an MMLIS degree relevant moving forward. Students will need to understand the relevance of textual resources as they are moved online into a more virtual space.

Because many people are looking to do research with their computers, the industry and its members must adapt to meet the needs of people who are looking to do their work online. Today’s students in this space will prepare for this and other future industry challenges.

To learn more about this degree, its benefits and the current trends in the industry, visit University of Southern California’s online Master of Management in Library and Information Science degree program.