Faculty Meeting Minutes: June 2016

University of Southern California
Master of Management in Library and Information Science

Faculty Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2016, 9 am–12 pm

Present: Kristina Batiste, Mathew Curtis, Janine Golden, Alexis Hackathorn, Rebecca Halpern, Ken Haycock (chair), Deborah Holmes-Wong, Marion Philadelphia, Win Shih
Regrets: Helga Haraldsson, Carolina Muglia, Chimene Tucker

By Consent:
Items 1, 3, 4, 9, 10.

Program Leadership
1. Minutes of Meeting of March 30, 2016. Approved.
2. Status of Director Search. Negotiations are underway with one of the two finalist candidates.
3. Website. The prototype has been reviewed and revisions made. The new site should be ready this month.

Faculty Recruitment and Development
4. Faculty Hiring Criteria. The program has been approved for both internal and external hiring of part-time faculty, that is, we may hire part-time faculty who are not USC employees as long as they don’t teach the same or a similar course at another institution.
5. Peer Review of Course Design and Delivery. Each course will be assigned a peer reviewer. Instructors with weak course evaluations will also be assigned a coach. A rubric/checklist will be developed for review.

Program Development and Implementation
6. Coordination of Bibliographic Style. The recommendations presented were approved, viz., 500/GSBA502/591A Turabian, 501/502/503/504/591B/591C Chicago, 511/552/562/591D APA, 591E/598 Student Choice. Implementation may begin as individual instructors are ready but no later than Fall 2016 for Semester 1, Spring 2017 for Semester II, Summer 2017 for Semester III, Fall 2017 for Semester IV.
7. Assessment and Letter Grades. The proposed narration for each letter grade was approved. This will be included in each syllabus for Fall, 2016. It will also be made clear at orientation and elsewhere that a B grade is the most common with a relatively small percentage of students receiving a C (Adequate) or an A (Exceptional) grade.
Side note: The registrar will be asked to extend the final grading period beyond two days.
8. Curriculum Alignment from Goals to Graduation: Closing the Loop with LIM 598: Capstone (the e-Portfolio). Faculty will be provided with access to sample e-portfolios (with student permission).Faculty will be polled for interest in being second readers for the e-portfolio. Second readers will be assigned for each semester to work with the course instructor. The recommendations and the committee work plan for 2016-2017 was accepted. Marshall and MMLIS program goals will be included in each syllabus with connections to course objectives. Faculty are encouraged to include a reflective paper or discussion board review of the fit of the course with program goals; this will be included in course evaluations as well.

Student Admissions and Adjudication
9. Exit Survey of Graduates. To be distributed as revised.
10. Placement Survey of Alumni. To be distributed as revised.
11. Part-time Access. A separate part-time stream will be developed to ensure program coordination/sequencing, and the continuance of the emphasis on teams and the value of cohorts. Further discussion will determine whether to proceed for Fall, 2016 (minimum: six students) or commence after accreditation is received (likelihood of greater student numbers).
12. Minima/Maxima Class Sizes. Minimum: four students for future electives. Maximum: 18-20 students may result in two sections following consultation with the instructor.

Program Resources and Student Support
No business.

Review of Accreditation Draft Documents
Application for Candidacy | Plan for the Program Presentation
Program Presentation [Self-Study]

Faculty were divided into committee-based groups to review portions of the draft self-study. Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions were collected for the next revision and review prior to submission.
The final draft will also be reviewed by the steering/working comittees, the advisory board, the Deans’ offices and the Provost’s office.

03/30. Resources on Teams. KH.
03/30. Resources on Networking. KH
03/30. Workshop on Assessment. MP/KH.