Faculty Meeting Minutes: May 2015

University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business
Master of Management in Library and Information Science (MMLIS)

Faculty Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2015

1. Notes from September Meeting/Progress Report. Several program developments were noted.

2. Faculty Recommendations for Improvements
Resources will be developed to make clear the role of the team leader.
Curricular Revision/Resources.
Readings on working in teams will be added to LIM 591A. The role of teams (especially leaders, agreements/ground rules, consequences) will be reviewed in LIM 591B.
Faculty determine whether penalties will be made for late assignments. If so, it is recommended that 10% be deducted after 24 hours, 50% after one week and 75% after two weeks.
An approach to requiring different bibliographic styles throughout the program will be proposed.
Student Resources Requiring Encouragement.
Career Advising / SmartThinking / Conversations with Leaders. Faculty agreed to promoted and require as appropriate.

3. Center for Library Leadership and Management (CLLM).
The same individuals will form the Board of Directors as the MMLIS Advisory Board. They will advise on strategic directions and priorities as well as research needs. The first programs will focus on institutes for executive education and leadership development. A website will be developed.

4. Committee Structure
A structure for program governance was approved.
Program Leadership Team (Basis of Accreditation Working Committee)
Program Development and Implementation Committee
Faculty Recruitment and Development Committee
Student Admissions and Adjudication Committee
Program Resources and Support Committee.

Each will have full-time and part-time faculty representation as well as student and alumnae representatives.

5. Approaching Accreditation
Faculty reviewed timelines, basic requirements and 2008 standards.

6. Closing the Assessment Loop
The process for curricular revision and improvement was reviewed.
Program Goals > Courses > Program Assessment [LIM 598] > Revisions

7. Mentorship Program.
The plan for the mentorship program is underway and should be ready for introduction to students in 2016.

8. Review of Current Practice and Recommendations for Improvement
Once student numbers grow electives will be introduced as approved (digital assets management; digital curation and preservation; collaboration and partnerships; storytelling for all environments and audiences; strategic information and analysis in four different areas.